At S&S Fashions, we have adopted a Total Quality Management (TQM) program ably supported by good leadership, skilled labour, modern machinery and rigorous IT systems. Thus we have complete control over all aspects of our project and can monitor product quality throughout the process. This also ensures a high level of transparency in all our operations.

We have an in-house Quality Control team that oversees all aspects of our operations down to the smallest detail right from material selection and procurement to complete inspection of the finished products, to ensure that only the best and top quality products come out of our production line. Our employees are our best assets. We have an empowered workforce wherein responsibility percolates to all levels of the organization. This motivates employees and ensures greater accountability, thereby, delivering high-quality output.

We also adopt just-in-time and lean methods of manufacturing.  Our idea of adopting such methods is to “get the right things to the right place at the right time, the first time while minimizing waste and being open to change.” This helps us eliminate wastage, minimize excess inventory, empower our workforce and scale up or scale down production easily as per customer demand. The roles of various teams and the process of ensuring quality are explained below:


The industrial engineering team is highly trained in advanced "garment manufacturing technologies" to ensure that only the best garments are produced. In conjunction with our studio team, they decide on the styles and designs as well. Further, they decide the flow of the process and ensure that all equipment and systems are in-place right from sewing to packing before the production-line phase begins. An operation-breakdown contingency plan and a machine-specification list are also produced.

A number of test runs are performed during the pre-production stage to ensure that any bottle-necks are identified and eliminated in the initial stages itself. Highly versatile ideas like "Operations Research" ensure that we have a seamless process flow.

In the post-production phase, the clothes undergo numerous inspections in various stages to ensure that the final product adheres to Accepted Quality Level (AQL) guidelines. This allows our products to match international standards in quality, style, elegance, and fit, making reliability the hallmark of our brand.

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